+ Mornings are calm because you’ve had a good nights sleep and wake up refreshed. You start your day feeling comfortable in your own skin and know that, as a result, you’re setting a good example for your family and cultivating better, healthier relationships.

When challenges come up at home, work or anywhere else, you’re able to pause and take them in stride. You can think clearly and focus on problem-solving the task at hand and because of this, you feel able to cope with inevitable setbacks and confident in yourself.

Self-care is a priority in your routine and you make time for being truly present with yourself without feeling guilty. You slow down and relax with ease because you experience the benefits of having more energy, less tension, and better mental health and quality of life.



>> You’re overwhelmed, can’t relax, and feel bad about yourself more than you’d like to admit because deep down, you blame you for feeling this way. 

>> You’re over-scheduled, rushed, disorganized, and think you have to fix all the problems but will never get it all done, which leaves you feeling incompetent. 

>> You can’t sit still without your mind examining everything, you experience racing thoughts, and always feel like there’s something you should be doing. 

>> You’re mentally exhausted, but can’t sleep, you worry a lot, you procrastinate, can’t reach your goals, and feel disappointed in yourself and your life. 

>> You’re running on empty and feel like you’re always in survival mode. You wonder how much longer you can live like this, but don’t know what to do. 





I’ll never forget the day I realized this for myself.

I use to feel completely overwhelmed and on the verge of losing it every single day.

I tried so many times to get myself together and change my life, but it felt too hard and instead I avoided my problems with anything that would distract or numb me, and over the course of a decade, my sense of dread got worse and worse.

It was so bad that my stress and self-loathing initiated a body-focused repetitive behavior.

I pulled on my eyebrows and eyelashes. And eventually pulled them all out.

One life-changing day I saw, really saw myself in the bathroom mirror and knew I had to make a choice:

Stay stuck and miserable or take charge and change my life.

It was time to take charge of myself and this weird nervous habit was where I started. (I’ll admit, there may have been a bit of vanity motivating me!)

I was determined to stop, so when I caught myself pulling on eyebrows or eyelashes (that weren’t even there), I’d bend over and take a few deep breaths.

And I’d repeat to myself, “You can stop.”

What I know now is that facing my struggle with this symptom of chronic stress taught me how to embrace a challenge and use it to grow as a person.

And I am still using this transformative lesson 20 years later to have less struggle + more ease. Every day.


We’ve been taught that stress is the enemy, that’s it’s bad for us and something we have to manage or relieve.

But really? Stress is a force of action.

Your stress is trying to send you a message about what’s out of balance + necessary for your life to be smoother, and more peaceful.

And it’s simpler than you think to embrace + harness the message your stress is trying to send so that you can go from:



    • Overwhelmed to relaxed and focused on what’s important.
    • Anxious to clear-headed and confident.
    • Worried to calm and present more of the time.
    • Exhausted to waking up feeling refreshed.
    • Feeling defeated to making progress your goals.


Make Peace with Stress is a one year, group mentorship program for women who are ready to end their struggle with stress, and experience life-changing personal growth.

You’ll fully integrate the potent + time tested Make Peace with Stress method + practices into your life which makes it simple to:

+  Push the reset button on your state of mind and start fresh so that you can feel relieved and more in control with ease.

+  Stop struggling on the spot with one simple tool so that losing your cool and overreacting becomes a thing of the past.

Benefit from challenging experiences instead of feeling overwhelmed so that calm will be your new superpower.

Focus on the people and experiences that are most important to you so that you can be more present in your life.

Take better care of your own physical and mental wellbeing so that you will think, feel and actually be better every day.

The support to apply all of the excellent information and practices to my personal needs was so helpful.

Sue K

Gaining insight into how we can transform our relationship to stress was the most helpful part of this program.

Meghan C

Stephannie and her methods are kind, compassionate, and effective; she has helped me tremendously on my journey to become a stronger, happier me.

Andy B


Module 1 / RESET

Take charge by embracing where you are right now as purposeful so that you can choose to move forward deliberately.

Module 2 / SELF STUDY

Pay attention to what’s going on within you to recognize the depth and value of all your experiences.

Module 3 / STRESS

Get the message your stress has been trying to tell you and discover the wisdom of your hardest moments.

Module 4 / SURRENDER

Choose how you show up for yourself to end the inner battle so that you can free yourself from struggling.

Module 5 / HABIT

Make this surprisingly simple method to transform struggle into growth a permanent part of your life.

Module 6 / INTENTION

Connect with your heartfelt truth about what you want to welcome into your life and grow toward your best self.


Three times during the year we’ll focus on the Make Peace with Stress curriculum, one module per week for 6 weeks. We’ll do this in the Spring, Fall, and Winter. During these sessions, you’ll watch a lesson each week, have homework (which we call Growth Work) and get coaching from me. 

In between these sessions, you’ll be concentrating on integrating what you’ve learned into your life and we’ll connect a couple of times so you can get guidance, support + loving accountability to stay on track. 

There’s something magical about 3.

+  The first time you go through the Make Peace with Stress curriculum, you’ll have a whole bunch of a-ha’s and really start to take charge of your stress. (Seriously, this is gonna feel so good!) But here’s the truth: your patterns of stressing are pretty well ingrained and are not going to magically disappear.

+ The second time through feels fresh and relevant yet in a different way than before. I think of this as the upward spiral. You’ll be in a better place in your life but will still be working with some of your long-standing patterns. (We all have ’em!) It will be comforting to reconnect with the familiarity of the program and you’ll get waaay more depth and insight.

+ Three is the magic number! The Make Peace with Stress method has 3 steps. The third step is about welcoming what you want into your everyday experience. I know it may be hard to imagine that this isn’t total BS, but I promise you when you stop struggling and have more ease, and presence, and calm, you will be able to get clear about what you want and lay out the red carpet.

Make Peace with Stress helped me discover insights that I didn’t realize I was missing.

Mary C

Stephannie has been more helpful and insightful than other therapists I have had.

Aileen H

Going through Make Peace with Stress was profound for me. It was just what I needed.

Amanda B


The Make Peace with Stress group mentorship program is perfect for you if you:

>> Have a lot on your plate but know you need to take better care of yourself and need something simple that becomes part of your life as it is now and has a big impact. Make Peace with Stress is not for you if what you really want is to embark on a yearlong pilgrimage to some exotic location.

>> Feel tense and frustrated more than you want to and are ready to own and take charge of your experience so that you can make different choices about how you show up. Make Peace with Stress is not for you if you want to blame your struggling on circumstances or other people.

>> Really want to make a positive change in your life because you recognize the way you’re living is not sustainable and you care about your future too much to stay stuck. Make Peace with Stress is not for you if you’re comfortable with being a too busy, stressed out, chaotic woman.




When you've got a lot on your plate, the last thing you need is a demanding program that's short on practical information. That's why Make Peace with Stress is so valuable: the profound insights of yoga are made applicable to your life right now. You'll learn to let go of judgment, cultivate self-awareness, make friends with your stress response, shift your perspective on challenges, get clear on what you want for yourself, and make it a simple, daily practice.


Do you need to reset from freaking out to calm and focused? There's a simple practice for that. Do you need to turn your attention away from outer chaos and inward for a mental break? There's a practice for that. When you find yourself bumping up against the same wall, there's a practice for that. When you're working toward what you want and need a confidence boost, there's a simple practice for that. The practice library is 36 simple, therapeutic practices that you can do at any time to reclaim a stressful moment and feel better.


If your mind is swirling with thoughts and feelings, concise direction like start here with this simple practice feels like a compassionate hug. The Growth Work Book and supporting audio guides take you step-by-doable-step through the Make Peace with Stress method. You learn to shift from mindlessly going through the motions, to being calm and present so that you connect with your ability to choose your state of mind, appreciate your feelings, and build this into your daily routine so that it becomes a permanent part of your life.


Your positive life change is the most important thing to me. And I'm 100% confident you'll get that from Make Peace with Stress if you show up 100%. That said if you participate in up to the first 3 Modules of the program and determine it's not right for you, send me an email. I’ll ask for your completed Growth Work to make sure you gave it a go, and ask what didn’t work for you so I can learn and improve. When I receive your refund request and completed Growth Work by the end of Module 3, you’ll get a swift and complete refund.


I'll be with you every step of the way. As you work through the Make Peace with Stress lessons and Growth Work. You get personal support and guidance from me as well as an opportunity to learn from others in the program in a private Facebook group and on video conference calls (video optional). You'll gain so much from the community, and studies show that the support of a group program dramatically increases the likelihood you'll get what you came for. We're all in this together!


The pace and challenges of modern life make ongoing stress management necessary for everyone. The group mentorship is 1 year and you have access to all the materials (including upgrades) for life. Any time you need an intentional period of self-care, stress relief, and revisiting this method, you'll renew your commitment to yourself, deepen your simple, therapeutic practice, and continue building resilience. I call it the upward spiral, and you'll be on from here on out. How about a sigh of relief? 


I’m a Certified Yoga Therapist who created this program after taking charge of my stress + changing my life, and a decade of teaching yoga therapy for stress in yoga studios, hospitals (Johns Hopkins, Mercy Medical Center, Mt Washington Pediatric, and Bon Secours), businesses (Catholic Charities, FastForward), and to many clients 1:1 in my private studio.

These years of personal + professional experience revealed that a few simple insights and practices can get transformative results.

Since 2014, I’ve been honored to guide and support women through Make Peace with Stress. During this time, one thing has been confirmed over and over: therapeutic yoga is the most holistic and effective way to stop suffering from chronic stress and continually improve your life.

If you’re stressed and struggling more than you want to, if you’re ready to take charge of your life once and for all so that you can be the present, calm + confident woman you’re meant to be, I’d be honored to have you in the Make Peace with Stress Community.

I appreciated being able to take it slow, the process of recognizing and identifying stressors and then building from there.

Jane B

Working with Stephannie has opened my heart and mind to what’s possible. I have come so far and know I will continue to grow every day.

Carrie L

Stephannie has a connected and powerful spirit.

Beata L