DISORGANIZATION—How To Use The Make Peace With Stress Method

The Make Peace with Stress method transforms every challenge into a catalyst for growth—even disorganization. Learn how to apply this simple method NOW.

N.O.W. is an acronym:

  1. N is NOTICE | Step 1 is noticing your experience.
  2. O is OPEN | Step 2 is to open to life’s lessons.
  3. W is WELCOME | Step 3 is welcoming what you want.

NOW This—Disorganization



The primary root cause of disorganization is indecisiveness and it’s often not just mental decisions but emotional ones. Whether it’s nostalgia or attachment, scarcity mindset, or avoidance of facing issues, when we associate an inner experience with an external object and it is clutter or something we have to deal with, it’s something to pay close attention to.

NOTICE this: My favorite self-study tool for this situation is the question: What am I making this mean? As in What am I making it mean if I get rid of this ___? or What am I making it mean if I face this ___ and don’t know how to handle it? or What am I making it mean if I make this decision and it doesn’t turn out how I hope?


One of my favorite authors/poets, Najwa Zebian, wrote, These mountains that you are carrying, you were only supposed to climb. This is an excellent way of looking at disorganization. Clutter and chaos are hard to bear. And when you decide to start getting organized, you will feel an immediate shift just from the empowerment of taking control of your life.

OPEN to this: What’s the smallest decision you can make about getting organized? Try setting a timer for 10 minutes and write down all the things you’d like to do (clean out the closet, organize bills, etc), then choose ONE of those things and make a list of all the smallest steps to do that. Even open the closet door will help you start.


Disorganization can feel overwhelming, anxious, scattering, confusing, agitating. I don’t think you’re consciously choosing that and clarifying how you do want to feel is a potent tool for motivation. Be clear, though. Climbing a mountain can be taxing. Take one small step at a time and think about the exhilaration you’ll feel from the view at the top.

WELCOME this: This breathing technique can be practiced while you’re working on organizing. Breathe in and think or say to yourself I’m breathing in (whatever feeling you want to have). And then breathe out and think or say to yourself I’m breathing out (whatever feelings you’re facing that you’d like to release.) Repeat as long as it’s helpful.


What do you need help with right NOW?

Comment below and let me know. See if you can answer the question with ONE WORD. (That’s not stress.) 😉


Everything you know about stress is wrong. 

And that misunderstanding is preventing you from taking advantage of the support system your stress actually is. 

When you make peace with stress, you can stop struggling with it and start using it to experience the personal growth you crave. 

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