Frequently Asked Questions

Who can participate in this program?
Anyone who wants to explore yoga and meditation, is ready to make a change, and is willing to learn and grow. This program is not for someone who wants to make excuses and stay stuck in patterns that cause suffering.

How much yoga experience is necessary?
None whatsoever. In fact, I’ve been the first teacher to many students, and have a knack for making the teachings and practices of yoga simple. Also, each practice comes with plenty of instructional support: images, audio, and video.

Are the postures and practices injury friendly?
All of the postures and practices are adaptable for injuries, and I can certainly help with that along the way. If you think you have a special situation that you’d like to discuss further, contact me.

What do I need to have? Props? Yoga mat?
Two days before the program starts (October 9, 2016) you will recieve an email with the Prep Guide that includes options for props, but please know there is a “from around the house” version of what you’ll need.

What are the weekly lessons about?
Here’s the week-by-week breakdown of what we’ll cover:

Shift from thinking and doing to feeling and being.
Connect with your innate divinity.
Get clear on your motivation + intention.

Get off automatic pilot and realize new levels of insight.
Practice mindfulness made simple.
Deepen your self-awareness + emotional intelligence.

Realize the beneficial aspects of stress.
Discover your unique stress response.
Release unintended resistance and negativity.

Understand the power of letting go.
Find out the most powerful tool to go from distressed to content.
Differentiate between submission and surrender.

Learn the 3-steps that every habit follows.
Determine your detailed habit plan.
Upgrade your habit forming identity.

Discover your heartfelt desire.
Create your unique, personal mantra.
Develop a transformational habit practice.

What is the approximate time commitment per week?

You’ll need about 20-minutes a day, for 4 days each week to watch the Lesson videos and do the GrowthWork. The GrowthWork may include a simple practice (a posture + a breathing technique), a guided meditation, and/or a worksheet. For example:


1. Lesson + Practice 1

2. Practice 1 + Start Simple Worksheet

3. Practice 2 + Meditation

4. Practice 2 + Meditation

How to I access the Lessons and GrowthWork?
All the program materials are online. You’ll create a login and have access to the first module on the first day. Each Sunday you will receive an email reminding you to login for the next module. All of the GrowthWork Worksheets must be printed.

How might I be able to take these tools with me after the program ends?
One of the most important and life-changing parts of the program is the Habits Module where you learn the exactly how to use the tools and practices as a part of your regular routine. (And this process works for any habit you want to build!)

What if I have plans to be away during the program? Can I catch up if I miss a week?
Since it’s fairly simple, it’s possible you’ll be able to do your GrowthWork during your trip. But if it’s not possible, and you’re willing to spend a bit more time the following week, yes, you’ll be able to catch up.

What if I can’t complete the program, do you offer a refund.
I do not give refunds, but you’ll have lifetime access to all of the materials, and be invited to participate every time Make Peace with Stress is offered, which has been once per calendar year since 2014.

Have other questions? ASK ME ANYTHING.

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